Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Pakistani Man choked to death in Dubai, four Indian men charged

Dubai: Four Indian men were charged for allegedly killing a Pakistani man after tying and gagging him up with a duct tape. They have also stolen Dh75,000 from his closet in Naif on April 26.

All four were charged including two runaways. The two of them aged about 22 were present in the Court. They both denied charges of murder and theft.

A police lieutenant said the body of the victim was found lying on his back. “He was tied up from head to toe with a duct tape. He was also gagged and a piece of clothes was left in his mouth. Injury marks and blood was also spotted on him.”

He added. “The closet was in a mess and the drawers and a safe were found open. Fingerprints and evidence were lifted from the scene. We realised then the victim was killed and robbed.”

The four went to the victim’s place in Naif carrying the crime tools including pepper spray.

One of them engaged the victim in talks and other pepper sprayed his eye and tied him up. They gagged him with a duct tape to stop him from screaming for help. After robbing Dh75,000 from the safe, they left the place.

Before leaving the place they closed the windoe and turned the TV volume loud.
The police arrested another accomplice and he confessed to the crime.

The court adjourned the hearing to August 30.