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Pakistani Muslim Yogi spreads benefits of Ayurveda and Yoga

Pakistani Muslim Yogi spreads benefits of Ayurveda and Yoga

Amritsar: Wajahat, a mechanical engineer by profession was so much inspired by Ayurveda and Yoga that he chose to become a certified Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner over engineer.

Yoga is usually considered religiously sin in a fundamental Islamic society.

Wajahat’s father Basharat Ali Khan and mother Shakira Bashrat were born in Toondla, near Agra and Firozabad in India respectively as told TOI.
Basharat and Shakira believe that religion has nothing to do with practising Yoga and Ayurveda as both were incomplete without each other.

Fifty five years old Muhammad Wajahat Ali Khan Afridi broke the community raised barriers that discriminate people on the basis of their religion to spread healthy way of living in a society where preaching on Ayurveda and Yoga is predominantly considered a way of practicing Hinduism.

Wajahat has three children with wife Samreen. His wfe says who that she is comfortable with his work and other similar activities
“I have studied various religious books including Geeta, Ramayana, Veda, Bible and Quran” he said adding that Pakistan was his mother land where he lived but he belonged to Asian subcontinent. “I belong to Asian subcontinent by birth so I love my values costumes and history which is common in the subcontinent” he said.

He said he was attracted to Yoga in childhood, whilst studying in seventh standard he used to read books on Yoga and also columns in newspapers. “I gathered knowledge on Yoga as well as on different herbs from here and there before undergoing a certified course and now I not only take Yoga classes but also owns a Yogi Wajahat Ayurvedic Company “he said.

“In a society which is not receptive about yoga it’s not easy to present shows on TV or take classes but with the support of my family and friends I am able to do” said he adding that he had been receiving threats from some fundamental religious groups.
“Now, after nearly fourteen years of relentless work and braving odds, I have many Muslim leaders and religious preachers as my disciples including?

“People are now opening up, they are more concerned about the health benefits of Ayurveda and have no inhibition to them” he said.

He said thousands of people were coming for and learn Yoga for their immense .

Yogi Wazahat aspires to visit India and share stage with prominent Yogi’s, Swami’s and Ayurvedic practitioners.