Panama Papers: Prabhash Sankhla says nothing to hide

Panama Papers: Prabhash Sankhla says nothing to hide

Indore: Prabhash Sankhla, retired government official of Madhya Pradesh, whose name figures in the leaked ‘Panama Papers’, today conceded that he was associated with an offshore company.

A news report said Sankhla, a retired superintendent engineer with MP Public Health Engineering department, was a director of Panama-incorporated Lotus Horizon SA.

He told reporters here, “Had you googled my name even two years ago, you would have found this. So, there is nothing new in the report and I have nothing to hide in this connection.”

“My son-in-law, Rajeev Sinh, is a Canadian national and he needed three directors to set up the company and at his behest, I agreed to become honorary director. I agreed because my grandson at that time was minor and could not have become a director while the two other directors are my son-in-law and my daughter,” he said.

Sankhla, who retired in 2008, added that he had already told his son-in-law that once his grandson becomes major, he would quit the company.

He also said that so far no government agency has contacted him after his name appeared in the report.