Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Parliament or Judiciary cannot interpret Shariat laws

Hyderabad: Nobody has any power to amend Shariat laws and no power can change them even Parliament or Judiciary have no power to interpret Shariat laws since they are based on Quran and Hadith. The members of Muslim Personal Law Board termed the stand taken by Govt. of India is the replica of communal mentality which is condemned by Muslim scholars. A massive protest would be launched against such attitude of the Govt.

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Secretary, All India Personal Law Board, Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin, Maulana Qubul, Maulana Raheemuddin Ansari, Maulana Jafar Pasha and Maulana Syed Masood Husain Mujtahedi issued a joint press statement yesterday condemning the stand taken by Govt. of India against Muslim Personal Law. The statement said that constitution of India has given right to the followers of various religions to profess and propagate their own religions. This interpretation is found in many court decisions. All the schools of thought of the Muslim are agreeable to this concept. Despite this, attempts of the Govt. to interfere in Muslim Personal Law are in tolerable. Muslims of India agree that all the Shariat laws will be applicable to them. Knowing all these facts, Govt. of India filed an affidavit in Supreme Court against Triple talaq which is a conspiracy to deprive the legitimate rights of the Muslim’s of India. The day Govt. of India filed affidavit in Supreme Court was the black day in the history of secular and democratic India.

If the real situation is reviewed it would be known that other religious demolitions have more incidents of polygamy than Muslims. Muslims have less incidences of divorce and polygamy. The present Govt. did not take cognizance of these facts. The party in power may have different ideologies but its responsibility is that it should protect the rights of other religious denominations.

Muslim Personal Law Board recorded its protest within the framework of constitution of India. The Muslims of India should fulfill their duty to foil the evil designes of Govt. of India. They should refrain from indulging into various conflicts on the issue of Triple Talaq. Anti-Muslim elements have raised this issue only to divide the Muslims on sectarian ground on the issue of triple talaaq.

–Siasat News