Wednesday , August 23 2017
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All party meeting on Kashmir failed – Welfare Party alleges

Hyderabad: Welfare party of India welcomed the all party meeting on Kashmir but it said that it was a failure. Dr. Syed Qasim Rasool, National President of Welfare Party of India told that All Party meeting failed to console the Kashmiris.

In a press statement issued yesterday, he said that it is a welcome gesture that PM presided over the meeting and listen to the views of all the participants. It is a matter to be noted that a clear message was given to Pakistan not to interfere in the internal affairs of India but the meeting failed to draft a clear cut plan of action which gives an impression that the Central Govt. takes and interest in the land of Kashmir but it has no interest with the issues the Kashmiris are facing. It is regrettable that the committee did not announce a delegation to visit Kashmir. The committee also failed to assess the volatile situation of Kashmir wherein protector including women and children come out in far off villages to face security forces. At least, security forces should have been instructed not to use palette guns. It would have been a positive step. It is lamentable that the all party meeting did not show its courage to tell security forces.

Welfare Party feels that instead of paper statements, concrete steps should be taken to resolve Kashmir issue.

–Siasat News