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Patel leader seeks meeting between community and Gujarat govt on quota issue

Anandiben Gujarat CM

A prominent leader of Patel community, which has been demanding OBC reservation, on Friday sought a meeting between the community members and Gujarat government to sort out the issue through talks.

The leader, Jayrambhai Patel, of Sidsar Temple Trust said he and other members of the community met Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) convener Hardik Patel in jail on the reservation issue and also conveyed their demands to the government.

“I and other members of Patel community met Hardik in jail two-three times and also met BJP leaders. We have conveyed all the demands of the PAAS and Patel community to the government,” Patel told reporters.

“It is desirable that a meeting is held between state government representatives and PAAS leaders along with prominent members of Patel community to bring a solution to the problem,” Patel said.

Hardik Patel and his close aides are in jail at present under sedition charges. Patel community has been demanding their inclusion in the OBC category to make them eligible for quotas in education and jobs.

The state government has recently withdrawn non-serious cases against Patel youths, who were involved in violence during the agitation. However, cases against Hardik Patel and his aides have not been taken back yet.

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