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Pathankot attack: Pakistan arrests 3 JeM terrorists

Pathankot attack: Pakistan arrests 3 JeM terrorists

Three Members of Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed have been arrested in Pakistan on Wednesday in connection with the Pathankot terror attack. The offices of the terror group were also sealed, as per reports.

It is a first major move by Pakistan after the terror attack on Pathankot air base which lefte seven Indian soldiers dead.Also, the Nawaz Shareef government is mulling sending a special team to Patahnkot to probe the incident.

India has alleged that the attack was orchestrated by Jaish, though the United Jihad Council, a group based in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The evidence provided by India is said to include voice recordings and phone numbers of the terrorists’ handlers which were traced to Pakistan.

However, Pakistan had initially said that phone numbers and call transcripts supplied by India did not check out and that the numbers were not registered there.