Wednesday , August 23 2017
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The People & Co is here to add dose of laughter to your lives

New Delhi: Expanding and renovating the idea of perfect dining, The People and Co. brings an exclusive space for roaring performances like stand-up comedy, musicals concerts, fashion shows and theatre, making itself the only club in the Delhi NCR to enhance the ‘live’ experience.

The cafe cum restaurant has been divided smartly into three different segments, inviting people as to their preferences.

While the Canvas segment of the restaurant will host all kinds of activities of the club, Plate is the segment of the restaurant that brings to the platter a plethora of progressive world cuisines and the chefs decide what they feel like ‘cooking’.

The third and the liveliest space is Public, which is a bar and open space. It also has a stage which is open to an impromptu jazz set with mature and amateur musicians.

“We realised that people wanted food, drinks and comedy together. So, we thought why not put it all together. I am very excited. This wasn’t thought through. This place is dedicated to Delhi and I am hoping that our experiment here works as good as it did back in Mumbai. I am not going to expect anything because our sole motto is to give people what they want. So, Delhiites will be telling us what they want to see here,” Amar Agrawal, Managing Director, The People & Co to ANI.

The interiors of The People & Co create an eclectic look which emphasizes on the basic philosophy of being simple, earnest and rustic.

The design features a timeless worn feel with reclaimed brick walls, corrugated metal detail and beautifully rustic images spread all over the place.

A wall dedicated to the merchandise of Canvas called the HaHa People.

The place also offers range of HaHa People merchandise on sale suited and made purely with an intention to bring a smile on everyone’s face. (ANI)