Thursday , August 17 2017
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Pig-fat oil: Homes become hotbeds to illegal swine breeding

HYDERABAD: More facts emerged after the recent the raid on pig-fat oil producing units.

According to reports published in Deccan Chronicle, the pork that is sold and supplied to many hotels in twin cities are not from legitimate pig rearing unit or slaughterhouses but from illegally bred sources.

Sultan Shai, Ambeerpet, Gowliguda, Ramakrishnapuram and Musheerabad are some of the identified hotspots for illegal pig breeding.

The Erukala community runs the business. A source from the community revealed that each household rears up to 15 pigs.

Each animal put up for sale for around Rs 2,000 give a maximum of 35 kg pork. The animals are slaughter at homes and the pork meat cost around Rs 250-300 per Kg is supplied to stores in Medchal, Secunderabad, Kompally, Clock Tower and in some parts of the Old City.

Unlike mutton, there is no process of pork meat undergoing sample testing procedures and gets ‘fit for consumption’ approval certificate from the GHMC.

The major facility of rearing the swines is it requires a small investment and equipment and can yield upto eight to 12 piglets. They can be reared at individual houses and for feeding the animals, waste from hotels, resorts, hostels, vegetables, chicken stalls is enough.

Under the GHMC Act, it is illegal to rear the animal in houses. “If the public is facing any nuisance due to pig slaughtering they should complain to the GHMC,” said Goverdhan Reddy, veterinary officer of the GHMC.