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Plan to saffronise education endangers secularism: Farooq Husain

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Congress MLC Mohammed Farooq Husain asserted that the remote control of BJP led NDA government is in the hands of RSS. Muslims along with other countrymen made all kinds of sacrifices during freedom struggle. Jansanghi and Hindutva forces who played the roles of British spies during freedom movement were claiming to be the greatest patriots after coming to power after 60 years and were trying to distort the history by ignoring freedom fighters like Gandhi Ji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Azad and others and presenting Nathuram Godse and Sawarkar and the likes as national heroes . He claimed that central government was bowing down before RRS, a party which was banned after the Gandhi Ji’s murder. He lauded ‘Save Belief Save Constitution’ movement launched by Muslim Personal Law Board.

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