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Plaster of roof of Maqbara Salateen falls off at Makkah Masjid

Plaster of roof of Maqbara Salateen falls off at Makkah Masjid

Hyderabad: Maqbara Salateen or the Cemetery of Sultans at Makkah Masjid is in abysmal condition. The roof of the cemetery of Asif Jahi Sultanate is fast dilapidating. With the continuous rain, waterlogging on the terrace resulted in the roof plaster falling off.

Representation was made regarding the precariousness of the roof of cemetery but no measures were taken by the Minority Welfare Department in this connection. The department shrugged its shoulders by saying that the responsibility of taking care of the cemetery is of Nizam Awqaf while the Nizam Awqaf sources say that when the Minority Welfare Department is taking care of the whole masjid how can it leave a portion of the masjid unattended.

Immediate measures need to be taken to repair the building. Last year entry for visitors and musallis in the courtyard, where Asif Jahi rulers rest in peace, was banned due to seepage in the ceiling and risk of plaster falling off.

Instead of blaming each other Minority Welfare Department and Nizam Awqaf should work collectively to restore the pristine glory of the Historical Masjid.

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