The plea of Imtiaz Khan’s mother

The plea of Imtiaz Khan’s mother

Jharkhand: Imtiaz Khan was the son of Azad Khan, a farmer from Arhara village of Lathihar District of Jharkhand. His father got the bone of his leg broken in an accident. He was carrying his two bullocks and 6 bullocks of Ansari in a truck to a neighboring village for selling them. The activists of Gow Rakhsha Samithi and other Hindu organizations stopped them at Jhabra village on 18th March this year. They tied his hands from behind and killed him. After killing him, they hung him with an old tree.

It is very surprising that the ruling party in Jharkhand, BJP did not condemn this incident. Modi also maintained silence. He disproved his own statement, “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas”.

CM of Jharkhand, Raghuveer Das, very shamelessly declared it as an incident of cattle smuggling.

The mother of Imtiaz Khan, Ms. Najma Bibi was in tears when press reporters took her interview.

Police Dept. cannot be praised that it has arrested 8 culprits in this case. They should be punished.

The family members of Imtiaz Khan demanded a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh and a Govt. job to one of his family member.

The bank account number of Najma Bibi is as follows:

Najma Bibi and Ajad Khan
A/C No: 35653987731

State Bank of India.

Brach Code: 14728.

IFS Code: SBI0014728

Branch- Herhanj, Jharkhand

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