Thursday , August 24 2017

PM destroyed Parliamentary System – Yechury

PM destroyed Parliamentary System – Yechury

Hyderabad: CPI (M) General Secretary, Mr. Sitaram Yechury alleged that PM, Mr. Modi destroyed completely the parliamentary system of the country and said that BJP failed to get certain amendments passed in Rajya Sabha.

Addressing the press reporters yesterday, Mr. Yechury told that whatever efforts Mr. Modi is making to amend the acts pertaining to giving donations to political parties are not true. There is a difference in his sayings and actions. He bitterly criticized the BJP Govt. and said that whatever be the reasons, Govt. of India is bent upon giving more powers to Income Tax Officers for raids. This would result in enhancing the blackmailing and political activities.

He further told that Govt. did not waive the loans given to the farmers but it waived Rs. 11 lakh crore to corporate sector. Mr. Yechury reviewed the padyatra of CPI (M) Secretary, Mr. Veera Bhadram and said that among the people, social injustice is the important topic under discussion. It was therefore, a detailed discussion was held about the strategy to get social justice. He further told that for the development of Telangana, all should work together.

Mr. Veera Bhadram told that his padyatra was welcomed by everyone throughout the State. Mr. Yechury told that Mr. KCR has announced that he would allocate sub-plan for BCs next year but the fact is that he is only whiling away the time. He alleged that Govt. was involved in the murder of a Dalit by name Madhukar. He announced that CPI (M) would send an inquiry team and after its report, further action would be taken.

–Siasat News