PM to inaugurate digital exhibition on Patel

PM to inaugurate digital exhibition on Patel

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate a digital exhibition, primarily showcasing the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in integration of India, on October 31, the birth anniversary of the leader as part of week long celebrations.

Modi yesterday previewed the exhibition ‘Uniting India Sardar Patel’ set up by Union Culture Ministry at National Science Centre here.

Culture Ministry had today arranged a ‘press preview’ of the exhibition which provides visitors with a range of opportunities to engage with various digital installations which explain the role of Sardar Patel in the unification of India

According to the media invitation, the ‘press preview’ was to be attended by Culture Secretary N K Sinha, among other officials. However, Sinha did not turn up for the event.

The organisers said the exhibition will also showcase a small film on the life of Patel for wider awareness about his life.

“If Jinnah demands were acceded to, then you could imagine what would be the fate of India…Basically after 70 years of Independence approaching, there is very little knowledge in the younger generation about how the country was united and the role the people played in that. If you notice in the exhibition, yes uniting factor and the main role was of Sardar Patel…,” a member of the organiser said.

He said the aim of the exhibition is to “tell young people of India what you have inherited into modern democracy which unaparllel in the world. The two comparison are Germany and Italy but they are nothing in compared to six, diversity and population of our country”.

The exhibition also shows the instrument of accession signed between Harisingh, the ruler of Jammu and Kashmir and the Dominion of India.

The 3D film in the exhibition depicts how Sardar Patel handled effectively the integration of the princely states with his diplomatic skills.

It narrates the problem of amalgamating 565 independent states with a democratically self-governing India.

The relevant documentation has been sourced by the from the National Archives of India and the design of the exhibition has been conceptualized by the National Institute of Design.

Former diplomat and author G Parthasarathy, the chairman of special advisory committee constituted by Culture Ministry to oversee the development of exhibition, was also present on the occasion.