PM Modi accepted tough challenges since childhood, says his brother

, 10:18 PM IST

Varanasi: Soma Modi, the brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today said that the latter has from his childhood accepted tough challenges and carves a way out even in turbulent phase.

“Challenging tough situations is Narendra Modi’s character and it has been there since childhood,” he said.

“He carves his way even during turbulent times” he added.

Responding on Prime Minister Modi’s behavior while he was a child, Soma said: “As a child he always helped his friends, who faced difficulties in their lives.”

“Everybody obeyed him and paid heeds to his advice, this was his technique and he is using this method till today,” he added.

Soma also said that all those who oppose Prime Minister Modi and his policies must be appreciating the latter in their personal conversations.

Talking to the media in Prime Minister Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi, Soma said that he can see the development taking place in the holy city courtesy the effective and people friendly policies of the NDA regime. (ANI)