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New Delhi: The term ‘Demonitization’ is just technical, the apt term to define the historic, tough, unprecedented, politically risky & politically unpopular decision taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ‘Black Money Neutralization’.

The singular objective of PM Narendra Modi & the BJP led NDA government through this decision is to unleash a massive, unexpectant & a full scale attack on chronic cash stashers, large scale unaccounted cash spinners, the black money dealers & the enemies of the state.

This well planned & executed decision is to break the historic pattern of consistent black money generation & spin induced into this nation through decades of pro actively nurtured institutional corruption across all branches of the Indian state, economy, politics & society by the incorrigible Congress party since its first government in 1947 & until the last in 2014.

Black money eradication & cessation in India, was one of the prime poll promises of BJP during the general election contest for 2014. Indian voters have responded with unprecedented faith in BJP & Narendra Modi’s leadership by voting the party into power with clear majority, deviating from a growing pattern of voting-in coalition governments for recent past decades. It highlighted the antagonism, unrest & frustration in the masses for corrupt, status quo governments with policy paralysis & directionless leadership of the nation.

PM Narendra Modi is mandated to take tough decisions by the people of India. That’s the call of the nation. He is just doing his job, when he is making these unprecedented & historic decisions to positively transform India. A job which he is given with immense trust & reliability on his leadership by Indians who voted for this government. He would be wronged by the electorate, if he wouldn’t do what he is doing today, cleaning up the 66 years of mess through misgovernance of this nation by the Congress party.

However, not many leaders in the history of independent & democratic India have lived upto the expectations of the people & the faith reposed in the leaders to better their lives. PM Narendra Modi is simply doing his best to remember the expectations of the nationals who have chosen him & deliver the expected CHANGE through the branches of his government with massive, focused, planned & result oriented decisions.

Black Money Neutralization, through withdrawal of two higher denomination currency notes in circulation suddenly with time bound exchange of its value through accounted baking transactions, is a direct attack on massive cash stashers of all kinds. This shock & awe attack has three precision targets. The chronically corrupt bureaucrats, an entire tax evading & manipulating business class, an eternal cash hoarding corrupt & dangerous political class are the key targets.

All these three classes & their shenanigans are threats to India, its economy, growth story, border security, internal security, social security, welfare of the poor & of course the inclusive development & growth of this nation.

Democratically elected governments in this country has a limited term of 5 years.It’s too short a duration for any elected government to bring in massive positive transformation. Especially when the electorate is young, restless & impatient to wait for few more decades to bring in change which they perceive is immediately due, to put the country on a right path & in right direction of inclusive growth, time & timing is the essence.

PM Narendra Modi could have chosen the beaten path of status quo to play safe & stay politically popular through his first term & plan few big decisions after his reelection to the second term in 2019. He could have played the same game congress played for over six decades through slow motion governments, which have successfully ensured that India never grows beyond its ‘Developing third world country’ status with all its social, communal, economic & cultural exclusion evils.

PM Narendra Modi being the real leader that he is , has stood up to his promise to Indians that his government will bring in rapid transformation, respecting the aspirations of millions of Indians who voted him to power. He chose an unbeaten track & an unprecedented action for any politician, unpopular path by any incumbent Prime Minister, uncharted decision process & an amazingly risky and courageous decision model, in his attempt to bring in the massive positive transformation.

He has chosen an untested ‘Disruptive Policy Decision’. Unseen & unheard of, in the political & governance landscape of in independent India, leave alone in the whole world.

This model of decision system especially, affecting the largest democracy in the world, a fastest growing economy in the world, a cash centric mammoth market, and a socio economic template like no other nation in the world, can only be executed with a clear & grand vision, immaculate execution plan, unwavering focus on process & outcomes. It can only be acted upon with unchallenged integrity & conviction, with incredible control over governance, and unimaginable appetite & affinity for risk taking.

Tough decision of this mammoth proportions & consequences, though certainly the first, will not be the last of Modi government. These policy & executive decisions which the Prime Minister will unleash for the rest of his term will be anything but status quo.

Status quo is the enemy of massive transformation which this country needs badly & aspires. Indians can be rest assured that PM Narendra Modi will not let the nation’s aspiration for massive positive transformation go undelivered under his watch.

Every small decision has a consequence. Big, historic, tough & disruptive decisions certainly come with consequences which can cause inconvenience, pain & even temporary strife. However, no great outcomes can be ever accomplished without breaking comfort zones, routines, rules, established paths & some collateral damage.

All change unsettles & a massive change certainly disrupts. That’s how it is.

If disruption is for greater good of the nation & its nationals, the nay sayers can say what they wish, PM Narendra Modi & his government will bash on regardless.