PM Narendra Modi’s Pen cost around Rs 1.3 Lakhs

PM Narendra Modi’s Pen cost around Rs 1.3 Lakhs

New Delhi: PM Modi has always made news with his fashion sense for wearing ‘proper’ clothes with his half-sleeve linen and khadi kurtas that are now available at every store across India. His fashionable turbans, shawls and Nehru-jacket have inspired many and have always been spot on.

Similarly, he has a hobby of collecting pens. The pen he uses runs into lakhs. He uses his favorite Montblanc pen which costs around Rs 1.3 lakh and has a huge collection of Montblanc.

Since taking charge as prime minister, Modi has impressed the fashion community and the common man with his sartorial choices.  His well-fitted bandh gala suit that had ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ monogrammed as pinstripes on it was the most expensive suit in the world and has created many controversies. The suit was sold for Rs 4.31 crore.

Modi’s style statements have always been eye-catching so much so that during the Obamas’ visit for the country’s 66th Republic Day celebrations, he stole the thunder from the US First Lady as far as fashion was concerned.