Monday , August 21 2017
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PM single-handedly destroyed six years of our work: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise visit to Pakistan and accused him of single-handedly destroying six years of hard work put in by the former UPA regime.

“The Prime Minister cannot run the country only on his opinion. The country is not the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister is not the country. The Prime Minister didn’t consult the armed forces, he didn’t consult the officials, I don’t think he even discussed with Sushma Swaraj over his visit to Pakistan and took a de-tour to Pakistan for having a tea with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,” Gandhi told the lower house.

“As per media reports, even officials in Home Ministry and Intelligence Bureau were not privy to discussions,” he added.

Gandhi further said the nation is the relationship between its people, adding it is nothing but the conversation between its citizens.

“When I salute the flag, I am not saluting the cloth. I am saluting the relationships that the flag represents,” he said.

Gandhi further sought to know as to why the Prime Minister didn’t utter a word when teachers and media were attacked in the Patiala House Court premises.

He further attacked the Prime Minister for his claims on the Naga accord.

“The Prime Minister told the Congress president that he has solved the Nagaland problem and signed a historic accord. The Congress president asked us to check what happened because none of our Chief Ministers mentioned anything about the Naga accord,” he said.

“Our North East Chief Ministers were stunned. They had not heard a word about any accord. What had the government signed? Where is Naga accord now? It’s gone with the wind. Bye Bye accord,” he said.

He further appealed to the Prime Minister to listen to the Opposition and accept their views.

“We are not your (PM Modi’s) enemies, listen to us as well, we don’t hate you. Just give the people the dignity of their word and listen to them,” he added. (ANI)