Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Ponguleti ridicules TRS men observing KCR Diksha Diwas’

Ridiculing the TRS cadre for observing November 29 as ‘KCR Diksha Diwas’, Congress MLC Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy opined that the ruling party workers should have observed ‘Sonia Gandhi Kruthajnatha Diwas’ instead of ‘KCR Diksha Diwas’.

Speaking at Assembly Media Hall here on Tuesday, Ponguleti said AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi had conceded Telangana State respecting the sentiments of people and six decade separate Telangana movement and Sakala Janula Samme. It was not proper to the TRS cadre to conduct celebrations saying that the Telangana State came into being only because of KCR. Reminding KCR’s statement in the Assembly that the creation of separate Telangana State would not have been possible without Sonia Gandhi, Ponguleti alleged that the same KCR was speaking in a maligning manner against Sonia Gandhi. He opined that the TRS cadre should have met Sonia Gandhi today by observing ‘Kruthajnatha Diwas’.

Finding fault with KCR for not speaking about common man’s troubles in Monday’s Cabinet Meeting, which discussed about demonetization’s impact, the Congress MLC said it was unfortunate. He alleged that KCR has no awareness on bringing liquid money to the State from the Centre whereas several States were doing the same. It was atrocious on the part of KCR to support blindly the anarchic decision of Narendra Modi, he said and alleged that KCR was speaking with half knowledge on rural people, who have no knowledge on cashless economy. The nation was destroyed economically, he claimed and bemoaned that the problems of rural people due to demonetisation of big notes were un-describable. The Modi government was dictatorially got the IT Bill passed in Parliament today, he said and described the day as a black day in the history of Parliament as the Modi government failed to take up minimum discussion on it. (NSS)