Poor policies, not automation, reason for India’s ‘jobless growth’: Shaw

Poor policies, not automation, reason for India’s ‘jobless growth’: Shaw

Hyderabad: There is a big gap between GDP growth and employment generation though the economy’s development rate is healthy.

According to Indian Express, this gap is making slow in job creation and Unable to provide employment opportunities.

“Jobless” growth in India, biotechnology entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar, Shaw showed concern and has called for formulation of pragmatic and visionary policies to create new employment opportunities.

She said, “Yes, we are witnessing jobless growth (in India) but that’s not because of automation. It’s because of poor industrial and agricultural policies that are not creating infrastructure development, manufacturing and services jobs.”

Shaw said, “We need to formulate policies that incentivise private sector to invest in mega infrastructure projects. We need to focus on universal healthcare and education for all that will create a large number of jobs.”

Growth is oppressed by too many regulations as it is indicated by poor showing on world index

The country knows that there is little or no improvement in dealing with construction permits, getting credit and other parameters she says.