Postponement of TET: TDP threatens to storm CM’s camp office

, 7:34 PM IST

Hyderabad: Condemning the postponement of TET exams, TDP organizing secretary Dr Madepalli Satyam today warned the TRS government that the CM’s camp office would be stormed if the government failed to issue DSC notification by the end of March.
Satyam, in a statement, said Chief Minister KCR was playing with the lives of five lakh unemployed youth, who have completed teacher training. He alleged that KCR had used students during Telangana agitation and now not bothering about their future. KCR had announced during Warangal bye-elections that DSC notification would be issued. But on the pretext of guideline of Central government on TET, this government was trying to postpone the exams, he added. He said though there are 20,000 teacher posts remained vacant in the State, but the TRS government was not even recruiting teachers post in the coming academic year.
The TDP leader said during the TDP government, five DSC notifications were issued between 1998 and 2003, but TRS government not even issued a single notification in this regard in two years. He warned that CM camp office would be laid siege if the government failed to issue DSC notification.(NSS)