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Pregnant women can’t pursue Hajj: Central Hajj Committee

Pregnant women can’t pursue Hajj: Central Hajj Committee

Ensuring the safety of the women Central Haj Committee barred the pregnant women from pursuing the Hajj.

As per the latest directive women who are pregnant at the time of filing application and complete four months of pregnancy in September when Haj Yatra begins would not be allowed to proceed.

“Women who tried to hide this fact and proceed on Haj, they can be de-boarded from the flight”, say Haj officials. It is not clear who will check their pregnancy status in-flight.

According to Nazim Beg said, secretary of Haj Sewa Samiti, Bareilly, “It has been decided that pregnant women wishing to go on Haj should make sure that they have not completed four months of pregnancy at the time of leaving the country, failing which they would be barred from the pilgrimage.”

The chief executive officer of Central Haj Committee, Ata-ur-Rehman, asked such women to take back their money and cancel their seats.

Clearing the air the CEO said that, “It is in the interest of pregnant women. The first five days of Haj are a gruelling test of stamina and endurance of Hajis who have to move from one spot to other in quick succession. Besides, they are also supposed to make several rounds of the holy places as a part of the ritual. The decision has been taken in view of the safety and health of pregnant women,” the TOI reports.

Rehman added that the CHC has asked all centres in the country to convey the decision to all pregnant women who have applied for the Haj pilgrimage this year.