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Presidential election: All Muslim and secular parties are with Meira Kumar, what about MIM?

Hyderabad: The polling for presidential election is scheduled to be held on 17th July. All the political parties have declared their stands. The Muslim political parties in Kerala and Assam have extended their support to UPA candidate, Ms. Meira Kumar but MIM which claims to represent the Muslims has not yet clarified its stand on Presidential election.

Presidential candidate, Ms. Meira Kumar has appealed to the electorate to vote as per the voice of their conscience. The Muslims of Hyderabad want to see as to whom the MIM is supporting? Is the conscience of the MIM alive? Or did it pledge it with someone else?

In a situation when the contest for presidential election is between secularism and Sangh Parivar, it was essential for MIM to have supported the secular candidate proposed by UPA.

It is very interesting to note that the MP of Hyderabad had criticized the candidature of Ram Nath Kovind soon after his nomination as a presidential candidate since he had issued a very controversial statement against Muslims and Christians. Basing on this statement, the MP of Hyderabad had opposed him but so far, MIM has not made its stand clear about supporting Ms. Meira Kumar. It is reported that there is a difference of opinion among the leaders of the party to support Meira Kumar. Some of the leaders are advising to support Ms. Kumar with some conditions.

UPA made an attempt to muster support by consolidating 17 opposition parties.

It may be mentioned that due to the vicinity of MIM with the ruling TRS party, Congress and its alliance parties have removed MIM from their group. In such a situation, MIM is in a state of confusion as to who should be supported. If it supports Mr. Kovind taking into consideration its hostility with Congress, it would prove to be extending support openly to BJP which is not possible. Supporting BJP’s candidate openly would amount to committing suicide by the MIM. If MIM keeps away from voting, it would be construed as extending support to BJP since by not voting in the election process would result in falling down of votes in favour of Meira Kumar.

After the General Elections of 2014, MIM has practically kept itself away from secular parties. By participating in Assembly elections of various states, it has been playing the role of extending support to BJP. During the recent past, MIM has decided to target Muslim concentration districts like Gulbarga. The MP seat of Gulbarga has been occupied by either by Muslim league or by a Muslim candidate belonging to Congress for the past 30 years. The Muslim candidates associated with Congress are also being successful from Muslim concentration areas. According to the reports, MIM leadership has sent feelers by its congress associates that if it is contacted, it might support Meira Kumar but Congress leadership did not take any interest since it would amount to the enhancement of the importance of MIM.

–Siasat News