Thursday , August 24 2017
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Probe into Waqf Board fake currency scam

Hyderabad: Waqf Board officials have begin probe into the complaints regarding circulation of fake currency in Darul Qaza. According to sources, Chief executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah on the advice of Competent Authority, Syed Omer Jaleel has begun departmental investigations under which statements of all the employees of Qaza’at Department are being recorded. The officials of the department have been assigned this responsibility. Interesting revelations have been made during the probe. Employees admitted that before the installation of counting machine fake currency notes were given by the applicants most of the time. Instead of handing over to high officials they were issued to other applicants.

To put a curb on such irregularities Chief Executive Officer has obtained two new counting machines and handed them over to Qaza’at Department and Accounts Section. Possibilities of involvement of account section in the scam are also being explored.

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