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Process of sectarian divide among Muslims started: after Maharashtra formula successful in Assam

Process of sectarian divide among Muslims started: after Maharashtra formula successful in Assam

Hyderabad: On the basis of success of the division of secular votes in Maharashtra, BJP has started claiming that in UP also it will assume power. By reviewing the political scenario in UP it can be said that who is working for whom. BJP is not only engaged in the division of secular votes but it is also planning to divide Muslim votes. In its planning, whose support it is getting has also become evident. After the shameful defeat of the local political party in Bihar, BJP has changed its strategy. It is now making an attempt to divide the Muslims on sectarian basis to gain political mileage. The voters of Bihar had exhibited their political consciousness which shattered the conspiracies hatched in the elections of West Bengal, Assam and Tamil Nadu. The so-called sympathizers of the Muslims had been saying right from 2009 that they would become the voice of Muslims in West Bengal but they did not remember Bengal in 2011.

Now that the experiment has been made in Maharashtra and Bihar, despite this they did not pay heed to the backwardness of the Muslims in Bihar. By the claims of BJP in UP, it seems that it has already chosen its partner secretly which would not only divide the Muslim politically but also separate them on the basis of their sectarian ideologies.

If it is reviewed how the conspiracies of BJP would affect the political scenario of the country, it would be known that only communal elements are becoming helpful in this process. It is known fact that who helped BJP in Maharashtra and how it failed in Bihar? Those who did not intervene in the elections of Assam on the pretext that “Bhai” is doing the same job are now joining hands with BJP. The think tank of BJP which operates from Nagpur is surprised that how did the successful strategy fail in Bihar and how did it succeed in Assam? After reviewing it, BJP has started making claims of success in the UP elections. In Maharashtra and Bihar, a strategy to divide only secular votes was prepared. The results of Maharashtra had already alerted the people but the strategy of dividing Muslim votes was successful in Assam since the effect of the people of Bihar could not be felt in Assam. The main reason for it is the political party of Badruddin Ajmal. It had made lofty claims and created obstacles in the formation of secular front. From one of its sections, sectarian extremism was propagated which yielded fruitful results in favor of BJP. The strategists of BJP have been inspired with the results of Assam elections. They are now planning to air sectarian differences among the Muslims. Since a Muslim party was available in Assam, they did not make use of the local Muslim political party of Hyderabad. In UP, it is not possible to muster support of any Muslim outfit, hence the so-called Muslim leaders of Hyderabad would be exploited for UP elections.

–Siasat News