Prof. Shukoor urges pilgrims not to take banned items along with them

, 2:12 PM IST

Hyderabad: Special Officer Telangana State Hajj Committee Prof. S A Shukoor has appealed to the Hajj pilgrims to keep the regulations published by Central Hajj Committee in view and not to take any thing along with them which may land them into trouble.

Govt. of Saudi Arabia has banned food items cooked or uncooked including oil, pickle, fish, sweets and fruits. Pilgrims are also prohibited to keep explosive materials, kerosene, petrol, stove etc. There is a specific mention of banned items in the guidelines issued by the Central Hajj Committee which include khashkhash, Viagra, synthetic Capore, Cystone, Khammera, Gutkha, Khaiini, Gul, Peppermint, narcotics, political literature, photographs, and pornographic material.

Legal action would be taken against the violators.

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