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ABVP threatened Professor for posting ‘Umar Khaled is my son’

ABVP threatened Professor for posting ‘Umar Khaled is my son’

As the BJP led govt is thrashed by a section of people over Rohit’s and JNU row, BJP student wing ABVP disrupted classes, held protests, burnt a professor’s effigy on the campus for supporting Umar Khaled.

ABVP student wing also submitted a memorandum to Vice-Chancellor S B Nimse of Lucknow University, asking him to take action against the professor.

ABVP protest came after the 62-year-old professor Rajesh Misra shared a post on FB writing “Umar Khalid is my son”, that appeared in The Indian Express on February 23 on his Facebook page.

raja mishra

According to reports, ABVP student wing took snapshots of Professor Misra’s Facebook page, on which he had shared the article, and circulated in the campus.

“Our point is that one shares things which he or she supports, and supporting anti-national elements would not be allowed here,” said ABVP leader Anurag Tiwari calling Umar as anti national.

Mishra has been given three days to explain his post, and “any action would be taken after that.

Meanwhile, Misra, who is astonished to see a protest against him says “Everyone has a right to their own opinion”. “I have taught for about 36 years, and I am like a grandfather to all of them (students)… I have always respected and stood for freedom of students. I know Apoorvanand and when I read the article, I liked it and thus decided to share it,” he said.

Even as a group of over 100 students of LU staged a protest outside the main gate of the campus, raising slogans that they would not allow “anti-national activities” on the campus, Misra wrote another post on Facebook clarifying his stand.

“While I myself am totally against any slogans which are pro-Pakistan or breaking India into pieces. I am also of the view that every caution should be taken before declaring students criminals, and their views should be sympathetically heard, else their whole life and career may be at stake,” he posted.