Professor of UoH who was imprisoned says students from backward sections targeted

Professor of UoH who was imprisoned says students from backward sections targeted

HYDERABAD: An assistant professor Tathagata Sengupta from the department of mathematics who was suspended and jailed, on the charges of stone pelting and vandalism last year said that the university has undergone a sea change over the last year. Sadly, not for the better, according to him.

Sengupta and his colleague professor K-Y Ratnam (associate professor from the political science department), was arrested on March 22, 2016, for supporting the students’ movement. A group of 25 students was also arrested along with them. The professors were also suspended by the UoH administration.

The assistant professor lashed out the Centre for distancing itself from the Rohith Vemula case and “openly backing” vice-chancellor Appa Rao Podile by honoring him at the Indian Science Congress which was held recently at Tirupati.

He said.”We were suspended for three months though the university claimed it had revoked the suspension much earlier. Despite conducting classes during that period, we were not paid our salaries.”

He said about the college administration’s attitude towards students from economically backward and marginalized sections on campus. “they are increasingly being targeted. Though the administration is aware of their poor financial situation and the fact that they are not receiving their fellowship funds, it is still pressuring them to clear mess and hostel dues. “he said.

He alleged that though the candidates deserve and if they are not close to the administration cannot get prominent positions and promotions.

He said. “I express my complete solidarity will Dalit students here. I am sure that there will be some program relating to Rohit’s death anniversary in Mumbai as well and I will attend it.”