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#ProfileForPeace: People from India and Pakistan campaign to fight hatred

#ProfileForPeace: People from India and Pakistan campaign to fight hatred

Hyderabad: The worst ever attack on the Army in Uri, which killed 19 soldiers continued to spark outrage and has pushed to the limit already strained India-Pakistan relations.

Many people from both the sides started campaign on various social media with the intention of spreading peace and love and urging people let the world know all Pakistani and Indians do not hate each other and are only being divided by hate politics.

People have changed their profile picture for the campaign #ProfileforPeace, with a message ‘Kill terrorist not talks’.

Ex-navy officer Admiral Ramdas and his wife Lalita and film-maker Mahesh Bhatt too joined the campaign.

The campaign was started by 36-year-old Bandra-based Ram Subramanian, who calls himself an artivist. He was riled by recent incidents of Pakistani artistes being banned and shunned by Sainiks in Mumbai. He had inspired people around the world to come together and fight hatred.

Thousands of Indians from all over the world changed their profile pictures urging for peace.Though the people have been slammed for doing so.

Some people slammed Mahesh Bhatt for his gesture and said, “he should be sent to Pakistan” while other asked why hasn’t he condemned the death of Indian soldiers.

Bhatt wrote in his message to the leaders of both countries that.“Dear leaders, do not let the actions of a few violent men write the future of many people, like me who want peace. #KillTerroristsNotTalks #ProfileForPeace.”