Tuesday , August 22 2017
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PSRI hospital brings CO2 laser surgery to North India

Washington : Now, damsels in distress can undergo CO2 laser laparoscopy in North India, thanks to PSRI hospital.

PSRI hospital is the first to use and introduce this technology for treating women and their diseases, such as tumor, bleeding and menstrual cramps, which is a very common problem today.

The Minimally invasive Gynae Department in PSRI, headed by Dr. Rahul Manchanda, successfully performed its first such surgery in Delhi.

Dr. Manchanda, who is one of the only 5 gynaecologists all over India to use this technology, said: “The equipment is costly and a one-time investment and the cost is not being passed on to the patients. We are getting patients from countries abroad also for this now as it is yet not widely available abroad.”

He added, “It has excellent results and can treat diseases like Endometriosis where generally bleeding is much more. Other diseases like fibroids, ovarian cysts, cancer can also be treated.”

Laser has been previously used to treat prostate problems in men highly successfully, but this is the first time it is being used for the benefit of women.

This procedure, which is introduced through small incision and through a tube in order to treat and avoids large painful and unsightly scars, is much more precise, less traumatic, better healing, less postoperative pain and offer earlier recovery. (ANI)