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Pune college gets a parcel with explosives

Pune college gets a parcel with explosives

Pune: Another college in Pune has received a package with explosives,after FTII. The SavitriBai Phule Pune University’s Mass Communication and Journalism Department received a letter along with the patcel, which warned of consequences if JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar is invited to the campus. The parcel had a detonator. The packaging was similar to the one that FTII had received.

DCP (Zone I) Sudhir Hiremath of Pune Police said “A peon at the Department of Communication and Journalism in Ranade Institute had received the parcel on Saturday. But when it was opened today, it was found to be containing explosive substance, a detonator and a threat letter. The only difference in this packet (from the FTII parcel) was the name of the recipient. The letter was addressed to the head of the department Dr Madhavi Reddy.”

Vice Chancellor of SPPU, Vasudev Gade told PTI, “Madhavi Reddy came to my office and showed the parcel to me. The letter in the packet read, ‘You are supporting anti-national Kanhaiya Kumar and you will have to pay the price. A gift has been sent along with this letter.'”

“Based on our investigation conducted so far, it seems that both the parcels were dispatched within the city and received at Deccan Post office on May 7. We are trying to ascertain the stamps on both the parcels to understand the origin from where the parcels were dispatched. The stamps are not clear, hence it is difficult to ascertain the post office, from where it was sent,” he said.