Qazi Jahan Ara calls for equal rights to women

, 5:23 PM IST

Jaipur : Jahan Ara, who along with Afroz Begum became the first women Qazis of Rajasthan, said that she wants to change the present condition of the feminine gender and ensure that they get all rights granted to them according to Islam.

Ara, who has been associated with the National Muslim Welfare Society, told ANI in an exclusive interview that the responsibility of the Qazi is not only to preside over weddings, but also bring in some positive change taking note of the present condition in the society.

She also said that ‘Qaziyat’ is not just limited to solemnizing nikaah but has other responsibilities as well.

“I have become the Qazi so as to bring a change in attitude towards women and improve the condition of women who, at present, are facing a lot of atrocities. The Qazi’s responsibility is not only to preside over weddings, but also to see what is going in the society. As the Qazi, I will ensure that women get all the rights according to Islam,” Ara said.

“There are issues related to Meher Rakam, which is not provided to women in many cases… At many places, the girls are not even asked for permission for marriage. So, I would like to bring in some positive change and improve the condition of women,” she added.

Both Ara and Begum have become the women Qazis after completing their two-year training course from Mumbai-based Darul Uloom-i-Nisawa. (ANI)