Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Quota for Muslims on TN Govt lines, not on the basis of religion: KCR

Stating that the reservations for Muslims will not be given on the basis of religion, the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has made it clear that the reservations for Muslims would be introduced on the lines of Tamil Nadu State by conducting special Assembly session within a week time.

Replying to the members’ doubts as part of debate on Appropriation Bill here on Monday at Legislative Assembly, KCR said that the State government will not neglect any section of people. He said that the state will ask the Centre and Supreme Court to accord reservations to the Muslims on the lines of Tamil Nadu. There was a need to increase the reservations to the BCs and there was a need to take up deep study on it. Making it clear that the state government will not give reservations on the basis of religion, Chief Minister said that the government will increase the existing reservations percentage.  The state government will increase the reservations’ percentage to the tribal and minority people following the assurances given by the TRS party in its manifesto.

The Chief Minister reiterated that the state was in number one position in terms of welfare. The government was giving financial assistance to the lone women. The government was providing superfine rice to the students staying in welfare hostels. The previous governments’ failed to identify the Beedi workers in the last 60 years. The state government was giving Rs.1000 for the 3.7lakh beedi workers. The government will also give the pension to the 81,000 beedi workers, who were not getting pensions as one of their family members were taking pension already. The state government was increased the amount Rs. 51,000 to Rs.75,000 for the Shadi Mubharak and Kalyana Laxmi scheme. The government cleared the loans of the farmers worth Rs.17,000crore. The state government announced double bed room houses scheme only after coming to a conclusion that the condition of the state financial status was good. The government will complete the double bed room houses at any cost. (NSS)