Monday , August 21 2017
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Rahul Gandhi a delayed learner, says Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today termed the Congress Vice-President as a “delayed learner” while calling his father late Rajiv Gandhi a “quick learner”. Jaitley also accused the Opposition of raising issues “without basic knowledge about serious issues” and rejected the notion that any ‘Rahul factor’ was at play.

“I don’t consider it as a factor,” he said in an interview with ETV news channel when asked about the Rahul factor. Also read: Congress’s allegation false, mischievous & motivated: Raman Singh

“I want to say about Rajiv ji that he came in politics in 1981 and became the prime minister in 1984. But he was a quick learner,” Jaitley said while referring to the late prime minister and Rahul’s father Rajiv Gandhi.

“I hope he (Rahul Gandhi) also be a quick learner. But till now, he is a delayed learner,” he added. Stating that BJP also raised issues when it was in opposition, Jaitley said he is today “concerned” the Opposition sometimes raises issues without full knowledge.

Asked about the BJP’s prospects in Assam, Jaitley said the party has learnt a lesson from Bihar and has formed a broad alliance. “Now, there are the BJP and the AGP. People say the AGP is not that much powerful now.

But if they gain 8-9 per cent vote too, there will be a big margin between victory and defeat,” he said. Also at stake are 12 Bodo-affected seats, he said while adding, “We included them in the alliance so that if we form the government they will be part of it.”

“Sometimes, incremental votes come with the alliance of small parties… Alliances were made against us in Bihar, following this, we have made a broad-based alliance in reverse of it in Assam,” he said. The senior BJP leader further said there is an “upsurge” for the BJP in Kerala.

Stating that both Left and Congress-led fronts have formed government in the past in Kerala, Jaitley said the BJP will get “a lot of votes” in the state this time.