Rahul Gandhi should learn from his ancestors: Adityanath

, 11:47 PM IST

Raipur: BJP MP Yogi Adityanath today slammed Rahul Gandhi for criticising the arrest of JNU student leader over anti-national slogans, and said he and his partymen should take inspiration from their ancestors who had fought for the country’s freedom.

“It is unfortunate that a leader of a national party supported the glorification of terrorists. It is a dangerous tendency for the unity and integrity of the country,” Adityanath said here.

“Congress should take inspiration from their ancestors who had taken part in India’s independence movement and should send Rahul Gandhi to those schools where he could read about them and learn from them,” he said.

“The incident at JNU has exposed the hypocrisy of seculars in the country. Whatever happened at JNU would not be acceptable to any civilised society or any person who have taken oath on the Indian Constitution. There can be no greater hypocrisy if someone (who avows to be secular) is not opposing the anti-national activities at JNU campus,” he added.

Justifying the arrest of student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, Adityanath said police must deal with such anti-national elements with sternness.

Saying that Kumar had “not only tarnished his name but a students’ image too”, Adityanath said JNU had become a “haven” for such activities.

Speaking at the site of an under-construction Ram temple here, he claimed, “Chhattisgarh was lord Ram’s mother Kaushlya’s place. With the completion of Ram temple here, construction at Ayodhya would automatically begin in 2017.