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Rahul Gandhi should be sent to Pakistan: BJP

Rahul Gandhi should be sent to Pakistan: BJP

Accusing Rahul Gandhi of supporting the “anti-national” students in JNU and stooping to new lows to gain political mileage, Punjab BJP today said he should be “sent to Pakistan”.

“What Rahul Gandhi has done is anti-national. The country does not need such leaders. He should be sent to Pakistan,” senior BJP leader Manoranjan Kalia said.

Kalia questioned Rahul’s meeting with President Pranab Mukherjee yesterday, saying that the move was only meant to defend himself.

“If Rahul was indeed doing the right thing, then why did he have to clarify that nationalism runs in his blood?

“He considers himself to be a claimant to the PM’s office and he is supporting those who raise slogans against this country? How can such a person lead the country?” Kalia asked.

BJP workers led by Punjab party President Kamal Sharma burnt an effigy of Rahul calling him “anti-national”.

“Since Congress is losing their nation-wide support base, Rahul Gandhi has started supporting anti-nationals. How far will he droop to gain political mileage?” Kamal Sharma said, adding that the country will not tolerate such a leader.