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Railway stations in India get world-class Japanese signaling system

New Delhi : India has one of the world’s largest railway networks with over seven thousand stations. To ensure safety and better coordination of train movements, the stations are being upgraded with world class signaling technology.

On May 18, the TVM Signalling and Transportation Systems Private Limited (TSTS), a subsidiary company of Kyosan, Japan inaugurated K5BMC (Kyosan) Electronic interlocking System at Nagasamudram railway station in Andhra Pradesh.

Senior railway officials and company representatives of TSTS and Kyosan India were present on the occasion. Kyosan is excited about providing world-class technology to Indian railways.

“Next year is Kyosan Japan’s 100th anniversary. We are very keen to contribute to Indian railways for its rapid progress,” said Managing Director Kyosan India Pvt. Ltd., Heita Takeyama.

“The Kyosan technology, I found very compact, easily maintainable and the fault diagnosis is very systematic from system level to card level, card level to component level and compact level to various instructions which are very easily understandable and our ESMs are very easy to maintain the system,” said Chief Signal and Telecom Engineer South West Railway, India, Elavarasan M.

TSTS provides indoor and outdoor interlocking systems for small and major stations. Since it began operations some five years ago, the company has completed more than 265 stations commissioning.

The company’s interlocking system is based on proven EI system K5BMC from Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Company, Japan. Its I/O controller can be used as object controller and hence, thus minimizing use of copper cables.

The electronic interlocking system has reduced complexity of the system and brought in cost effectiveness and components’ reuse.

“Everything will be digitalized so they will have a copy of whatever is being implemented. So if one computer fails, they can copy the same programme in another computer and kept running. Now, if the mechanical panel fails to some reason so they have to give order for another mechanical panel. You have to remove this and put the new panel that is very cumbersome,” added Managing Director TVM Signalling and Transportation Systems Pvt. Ltd., Gopalakrishnan P.

Upgradation of technology at railway stations across India will enhance the efficiency of trains and minimize accidents. Many more railway stations across India are awaiting to switch to advanced signaling system. Once upgraded, it will help improve the railway services and enhance safety of passengers.

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