Rain Bazaar Inspector G Ramesh shows interest in learning Urdu

, 1:53 PM IST

Rain Bazaar Inspector G Ramesh gave away the certificates to the successful students of Urdu Dani, Zaban Dani and Insha exams conducted by Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust. On the occasion Sub Inspector Rain Bazaar Satya Narayana, office bearers of Madrasa Rahmania Administrative Committee Mr. Ameen Ahmed Ilyas, Mr. Syed Lateefuddin Husaini, Mr. M A Zeeshan were also present.

Inspector Rain Bazaar G Ramesh declared Urdu as a sweet language and showed interest in learning Urdu. G Ramesh asserted that Urdu is very popular in Telangana and as per history Urdu language was developed in Telangana; justice with Urdu will be possible only in Telangana.

The certificate distribution function was held at Madrasa Rahmania Dabeerpura.

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