Tuesday , August 22 2017
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‘Rajeev Sharma’ writes biography of ‘Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)’ in Marwadi

“He (PBUH) courageously forgave his enemies!”

Rajasthan: Rajeev Sharma, a resident of Jhujunu district in Kolsia village, now a writer of the book “PAIGAMBAR RO PAIGAM” i.e Biography of Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) intends to grow harmony amongst people of different religions.

“Removing the wrong perceptions about Islam and letting people who don’t understand Urdu, perceive preachings of Prophet in Marwadi,” Sharma explained the motive behind authoring the book.

“Quran condemns terror. I would like to clarify that, none of the chapter of Quran is related to terror. Before reading Quran, we should know the lifestyle of the one on whom the Quran was revealed ,”said Sharma when asked about the linkage of Islam and terrorism.

“How can we blame a person for supporting terrorism, when he has courageously forgiven his enemies?” added Sharma.

When asked whether the Prophet’s teachings were restraint to Arabs, Sharma said: “There is no border, nation, religion for goodwill. It has to be followed by whole world. If we read his biography it has many useful points for the world to understand.”

“It took 1 year for me to write, but 10 years to understand”

“Writing a biography requires lot of responsibility, correct knowledge. It took 10 years for preparations for going into depth of reality by reading many other books by several Islamic scholars”

“Life of prophet is more than enough to get inspiration,” Sharma said when asked about his inspiration for authoring the book.

“Bangladeshi people are not Jihadi they are Fasadi,” commented Sharma about Bangladeshi terrorists.

Bangladesh offense is just an evil act as Quraan says, “If anyone kills a innocent person it would be as if he killed all mankind”

Additionally, Rajeev Sharma has also authored ‘Hanuman chalisa’, ‘Preachings of maha acharya pragya’ in Marwadi and Urdu. He even translated “Sharm Chalisa” in Urdu.