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This Raksha Bandhan, be a Smart Shopper!

This Raksha Bandhan, be a Smart Shopper!

New Delhi [India]: Raksha Bandhan, the festival to celebrate the love and bond between a brother and a sister, comes once a year but at times proves to be a bit heavy on the pockets.

So this festive season, be a smart shopper. Here are few experts talking about affordable shopping and smart shopping this Raksha Bandhan.

Maintain a ‘To Do List’

Nidhi Mehra, who’s an ace designer from Delhi, believes to maintain a ‘ To Do List’ for the festival, which will help you spend less and save more. Preparing an informed list of things you are supposed to buy will make you do selective shopping and one can just focus on the important things to buy. This will help you not to spend on things that you regret after purchasing.

Invest on ‘ Gift Vouchers’

Spending a designated amount on Vouchers and gifting it to your siblings is one of the convenient methods of gifting. Buying a gift which has no or less usability for the other person will not just make you feel bad but your money will get wasted. Samiksha Bajaj, who’s the Founder of Samshek: an online portal which helps you customize your clothes in the best possible way said, “Gifting your sister an online voucher for shopping will help her shop the best dress or anything of her choice. This will satisfy you as well as your sister will always be thankful for the gift.”

Shop around the ‘Season of Discounts’

Avneet Chadha, who’s a fashion stylist, said “Buying products or gifts at the time of discounts will save a lot of your money. After GST the tax on many products has increased, but if you buy products at the time of discounts you can save that extra tax you pay. This smart shopping will indeed turn into an affordable shopping.”

‘Do It Yourself’ or DIY

‘ Do It Yourself’ or mostly known as DIY is the best way of affordable shopping said the ace jewelry designer, Rashma Sud. Be it a jewelry or a dress or even shoes will require you to spend some extra bucks on packaging. Designing gift boxes from old stuff kept at your home will save your cost and will also give an emotional feel to the gift which will always be remembered by your loved ones.

These tips will not only help you to save some extra money but will make you a smart buyer. (ANI)