Recruitment For Biomedical Engineer (Diagnostics and Medical Imaging)

Recruitment For Biomedical Engineer (Diagnostics and Medical Imaging)

JC & Partners
Dubai, UAE

The Role
Our client is specialized in molecular diagnostics and develops technology and products that diagnose disease from the genetic level. The company was established with a mission to maintain leadership in molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases, genetics, pharmacogenetics, and oncology, and chromosomal analyses using innovative proprietary technologies. We need a qualified Biomedical Engineers specialised in Diagnostics and Medical Imaging.

– Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering
– At least 1 year post graduate experience in the UAE
– Analytical, presentation, communication, listening and problem-solving skills will be advantageous
– Self-starter, independent thinker and solver of complex problems
– Passionate about diagnostics and imaging

About the Company
“Great vision without great people is irrelevant, a Company’s growth potential is limited by its ability to attract enough of the right people” – James C. Collins in Good to Great.

As talent shortages grow more acute and online platforms are giving employees new mobility while allowing competitors to poach top performers more freely, managing people become a much higher strategic priority.

HR need to help increase revenue and productivity while lowering talent and HR costs to ensure profit margins don’t get eroded. Companies need to rethink people strategies, HR processes, organizational structures, workplace flexibility and human capital deployment.

To win the war for talent in the new era, deploying the same strategies is a sure way of losing, at JC & Partners we help Companies find total HR solutions that improves the bottom line while our diverse team remove cultural misunderstandings and inefficiencies so you can grow and expand your business more effectively by having the right talent for your business.