Recruitment For Civil Inspector in Qatar

Recruitment For Civil Inspector in Qatar

Job Description:

The Civil Inspector is responsible for assuring that the Contractor constructs the project safely, properly and completely providing, at a minimum, the specified level of quality in form and function.

Responsible for assuring that the Contractor adheres to approved plans and specifications, contract-imposed administrative and operational requirements and applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the site earthwork, underground utilities, site concrete, roadwork and pavements, site features and small support structures, landscaping and related civil work.

• Will coordinate with the Contractor to verify that adequate, trained resources are available, that the right materials are used and that the proper processes are implemented during construction.
• Will then document the fulfillment of the tasks accomplished and provide to the Resident Engineer any other documentation, such as reports of non-conforming work.
• Monitors the Contractor’s performance of work, assuring adherence to the approved documents and requirements to the extent that it applies to his discipline and area of expertise.
• Observes that the work is carried out in a safe manner, discussing or correcting minor infractions and taking more appropriate action, consistent with the Resident Engineering Manual, when significant health, safety and environmental infractions are encountered.
• Reports daily, using the daily report format, on the work performed and other pertinent data requested.
• Reports weekly to the Resident Engineer on the work accomplished for the week, issues encountered and resolutions achieved in the field, and work planned for the upcoming period.
• Completes nonconformance reports or deficiency notices, as appropriate.
• Reports on changed conditions, differing site conditions or other unanticipated deviations.
• Monitors and reports on approved changed work.


• Diploma in Civil Engineering with 7 years rail / stabling yard experience performing similar inspection tasks in the respective discipline or area of expertise for which is assigned.
• Must be physically capable to work in the field, including able to walk extended distances, climb to view / access points, wear all essential safety gear, stay on feet for extended period.
• Demonstrate extensive experience in a similar role on a comparable international transit system.
• Experience in technical coordination on site.
• Good knowledge of metro and railway systems.
• Familiar with different international standards and specifications.
• Ability to effectively communicate with team members, managers and clients
• Must have a good reporting, presentation and administration skills.
• Must be fluent in English, with excellent written and oral communication skills.

About the Company:

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Parsons provides technical and management solutions to federal, regional and local government agencies as well as private industries worldwide.

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