Refined palmolein edge-up on firm demand

Refined palmolein edge-up on firm demand

Mumbai: Refined palmolein edged up further at the oils and oilseeds wholesale market here on firm demand from retailers.

While, groundnutoil and linseedoil ruled stable in the absence of any major buying activity.

In the non-edible section, castorseeds bold and castoroil commercial slipped due to reduced demand from shippers and soap industries.

In the edible segment, refined palmolein inched up by a Re per 10 kg to 526 from Friday’s level of Rs 525.

Groundnutoil closed unchanged at 930 per 10 kg.

Moving to non-edible section, castorseed bold moved down by Rs 25 per 100 kg to Rs 3,150 from overnight level of Rs 3,175 and castoroil commercial eased Rs 5 per 10 kg to Rs 660 as against Rs 665 previously. Linseed oil were unaltered at Rs 850 per 10 kg.