Removal of illegal possessions on “nalas” for effective drainage system in the city

, 7:40 AM IST

Hyderabad: In order to modernize drainage system and for the outlet of stagnated water due to rains, it is essential to remove illegal possessions on 900 acres of land on the “nalas”. All the illegal possessions near the tanks would be removed. Govt. of Telangana and GHMC have prepared a comprehensive plan which requires 12000 crore for modernizing drainage system. It was observed that 30-50 mm rain is disturbing the traffic of various areas in the city.

GHMC officials believe that all these low areas were lake earlier. They are of the opinion that there is no other alternative accept to dislodge illegal possessions. For an area of 625 sq. km, Hyderabad City needs 5000 km drainage line whereas it has only 1500 km drainage line. It is essential to extend these drainage line.

It is also necessary that coordination between Revenue Dept. and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority is established. It is also essential to set aside political interference for which political will is needed.

–Siasat News