Remove retired officials from Minorities Finance Corporation – Dy. CM

Remove retired officials from Minorities Finance Corporation – Dy. CM

Hyderabad: Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali instructed Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare and MD of Minorities Finance Corporation to remove the retired official from service immediately. Confine him only to the affairs of Minorities Residential Schools.

After the inaugural function of online admissions to Minorities Residential Schools Society, Mr. Mahmood Ali issued these instructions. He told that he cannot function as retired General Manager of Minorities Finance Corporation. His name plate should be removed. He further instructed that CM had rejected the proposal for his reappointment. After this, he was appointed as OSD in Minorities Residential Schools Society.

At one stage, Mr. Shafiullah told that according to corporations and companies Act, it is not necessary to seek permission from the Govt. for every decision but even then, this decision was informed to the Govt. At this stage, Dy. CM and Secretary of Minorities Welfare Dept. contradicted the opinion of MD and that the Govt. is above any institution and no institution should presume it to be autonomous. Mr. Omer Jaleel also clarified that this official has no connection with Minorities Finance Corporation. He should work in society only.

Mr. A.K. Khan who is the chairman of Minorities Residential Schools Society also took a serious note of it. Earlier the MLA of the local political party in his speech admitted that his party is responsible for the transfer of the former Director of Minorities Welfare, Mr. Mohammed Jalaluddin Akbar and his party had recommended for the reappointment of the retired official of Minorities Finance Corporation. CM instead of accepting the proposal for his reappointment gave him the job of OSD in Minorities Residential Schools Society. He wanted to give an impression that his party can appoint or remove any officials whenever it desires.

The audience and the dignitaries on the dais were surprised that an honest officer was removed from the department whereas a person who is facing corruption charges in the High Court was supported for his reappointment.

–Siasat News