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Requirement For Cabin Safety Inspector in Oman


The Role
? Review procedures to ensure proficiency of cabin crew.
? Examination and approval of cabin crew duties and cabin crew management, and on those operations of the operator related to cabin safety.
? Participation in the preparation, development, and implementation of supervision programs and annual surveillance on cabin crew of operators including the management of cabin crew, cabin crew operations, and cabin crew training centers.
? Recommend amendment of procedures for continuous monitoring of cabin crew to ensure implementation of surveillance program of the Department.
? Perform enroute inspections and report findings after the flight in order to raise the level of aviation safety.
? Recommend approval of cabin crew management of operators, approval of initial and recurrent training programs for the cabin crew, cabin crew operations, and maintenance of training records.
? Investigate whenever necessary violations of civil aviation regulations and make recommendations to ensure compliance with the law.

? General diploma certificate.
? Current or former cabin crew license.
? Experience in cabin crew of not less than 10 years of flight, including 3 years as an examiner on at least one type of aircraft (A320, A330, B787, B737, B777) and 2 years experience working in Civil Aviation Authority.
? Approved certificate in the field of cabin crew training in safety and emergency procedures + 5 years experience in the field of supervision or training of cabin crew.
? Comprehensive knowledge of Chicago convention and ICAO Annexes.
? A good command of oral and written English

About the Company
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