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Research student from IIT Delhi committed suicide in hostel room

Research student from IIT Delhi committed suicide in hostel room

New Delhi: A research student from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, committed suicide in her hostel room in Nalanda apartments.

The deceased Manjula Devak was about 29 years old and married. She was staying at Nalanda hostel at the campus. Rooms in this apartments are given to married students. According to the Police, her door was open through which someone saw her hanging from the ceiling of the fan. The police after receiving distress call around 8 pm sent a PCR van to the apartments where Manjula’s body was taken to the hospital. She was declared brought dead at the nearby Hospital. Police did not find any suicide note in her hostel room. Her friend told the police that she is in shock and she never expected her to take such a drastic step. Police are waiting for the autopsy reports.

Police have also informed the sub-divisional magistrate of Manjula’s death as she has been married in 2013 and SDM is to be linked in by the Police in cases where the deceased is been married for less than 7 years. Her husband and family have been informed in Bhopal. Police are investigating the matter as the reason for the suicide is not yet known.

According to the officials, Manjula was pursuing her Ph.D. in civil engineering in water resources having she returned from the US after working there for a short period of time, as reported in Hindustan times.