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Researchers link genes with happiness, neuroticism

Researchers link genes with happiness, neuroticism

Washington D.C.: What we feel and think depends on multiple factor and one of it is our genes.

Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine have found genetic variants that are associated with a person’s feelings of well-being, depression and neuroticism.

This is one of the largest studies on the genes involved in human behavior. More than 190 researchers in 140 institutions in 17 countries analyzed genomic data from nearly 300,000 people.

Dr. Alexis Frazier-Wood said that in this paper, they applied advanced statistical analyses and meta-analyzed or combined results across a large number of studies, which is the most powerful way to conduct this type of genetics research.

The researchers advised caution when interpreting the results of the study. The genetic variants do not determine whether someone develops depressive symptoms, neuroticism or has a poor sense of wellbeing.

Dr. Daniel Benjamin said that genetics is only one factor that influences these psychological traits. The environment is at least as important, and it interacts with the genetic effects.

The information in this report allows researchers to look at possible ways to study these conditions. The research appears in the journal Nature Genetics.