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Restoring Humanity: Shuklaji helped me attend Friday prayer, says Rameez

Restoring Humanity: Shuklaji helped me attend Friday prayer, says Rameez

Mumbai: This heart-warming tale of kind-hearted auto driver will only restored faith in humanity.

26 year old Rameez Shaikh, a resident of Mumbai, recently shared a post on Facebook, is now going viral, with more than 8000 shares and counting.

Rameez narrated that he left his office to go to a mosque to attend the Friday congregational prayer. “As soon as I sat in the auto I realised that I had forgotten my wallet in my office in the rush,” he says on Facebook.

He quickly explained the situation to the auto driver named Shuklaji and asked him to wait for 15-20 minutes until he finished his prayers so that the driver take him back to office to pay his the dues.

“The auto guy (who was pasting a ‘Ganpati Utsav’ sticker on his windshield as I entered in his auto) told me: ‘Aap bhagwan ke kaam ke liye jaa rahe ho, aap tension matt le… mai chhodd deta hu aap ko… lekin mai wait nahi kar paaugaa… mujhe aagey jaanaa hoga,'” Mr Shaikh says on Facebook.

However, the kind-hearted driver could not wait, offered Mr Shaikh money so he wouldn’t face difficulty on his way back to the office.

“Since he could not wait for me, he wanted to ensure that I get back to my work place conveniently. He was very sincerely telling me not to feel embarrassed for that,” Mr Shaikh says on Facebook.

“Could be a stereotype breaker for some… An ‘Auto-wala,’ ‘Ganpati bhakt’ with ‘Large red tilak on forehead’ going out of his way to make sure that a fellow human of another faith gets to pray to his deity with all the peace,” concludes Mr Shaikh.