Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Reunification of Left is a historic necessity: CPI

Hyderabad: Senior CPI leader D Raja has pitched for reunification of the communist movement into one entity, calling it a “historic necessity” to take on the BJP by rallying “democratic and secular forces” and to play a key role in the emerging political scenario.

“When communist movement split not only in India but at international level, there were certain issues. I don’t think those issues remain today. And moreover, inside the country, we (Left parties) are taking united positions. Coming together, becoming one entity is our wish,” he told PTI.

“We hope that now other (Left) parties also realise the emerging situation in the country when a right wing party like BJP has come to power. The situation demands that the Left should emerge as a strong credible force which can galvanise,” the party’s National Secretary said.

“Its the demand of history, need of history. Its not subjective wish of some leaders. Its an objective necessity that arises out of the historic developments in the country. I look at it as a historic necessity, rather than subjective wish. That should be understood by everybody (all Left parties)”, the Rajya Sabha member said.

He said when a “communal and fascist party” has come to power, the country needs a strong Left, which alone can be a credible force to take on the “battle” and rally other “democratic and secular forces”, adding, in the emerging situation, Left should play a key role.

Raja alleged that RSS, whose “ideology is communal, sectarian and fascist”, has come to the centre-stage of Indian politics today, and it dictates policies of the Government.

“And even starting from Prime Minister, all Ministers (from BJP) claim they come from (ranks of) RSS and (are) RSS Pracharaks. This is a dangerous situation,” he said.